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English Writing Services

scientific, thesis, technical
and business editing service

How quickly and easily
will your readers understand
what you want to communicate?

Are all of your sentences easy to understand?

Where can your writing be improved?

Will errors in grammar, choice of words or writing style cause your work to be rejected?

Avoid that risk.

Let help.

Our scientific, thesis, technical and business editing service will ensure that your paper, article or presentation will be written in what is regarded as excellent North American English. In fact, your writing will be better than that of most North Americans.

Your readers will understand your writing easily and quickly. Your ability to express yourself well in English will not be an issue. You will achieve what you desire. If English is not your first language, you will find the editing service of to be invaluable.

Improve your writing

Our proofreading-editing service looks for unnecessary repetition, excessive use of passive verb forms, and sentences that are too long. It inserts missing conjunctions, correct verb tenses when necessary, and suggests more suitable nouns, verbs, and adjectives, if desirable. English Writing Services corrects the punctuation and capitalization. Above all, it seeks to improve the flow of your writing and make it easy to understand.

Quick response

If your work is less than 1,000 words, English Writing Services usually can read, edit, and return it in 24 hours. Longer works are normally returned within 48 hours.

Simple, easy-to-understand pricing

One simple per-word rate. No quotation necessary.

  • No express service fee (an additional charge for 24-hour or 48-hour service)
  • No substantive editing fee (no charge for writing that requires extensive changes)
  • No re-editing fee (no charge for an additional edit following extensive revision)
  • No document fee (another way to increase the price)
Risk-free guarantee

We guarantee that the changes that we make or propose, and the comments or explanations that we provide, will help to improve your writing. If, after reviewing our work, you believe that we have failed to provide any significant help, we will refund your money. In other words, we assume the risk. You can be confident that we will give you our best efforts. Our reputation is important to us.

Easy to use

Simply send the work, which you want to have edited, as an e-mail attachment in Microsoft Word to . Next, pay in advance at this website. PayPal, our secure payment processor, will immediately notify us of your payment. We will then get to work.

Why risk having today's errors haunt you tomorrow? Let the editing service of English Writing Services ensure that your scientific paper, technical article, thesis, dissertation, or other technical writing or business document is error-free and written in excellent North American English. Achieve the recognition or acceptance that your efforts deserve.

Why delay? You have nothing to lose. We assume the risk. Send your work today to .

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