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Academic Abbreviations

Below are academic abbreviations used in North America. Note that periods are used in the abbreviations of academic degrees. Further, no spaces are left between letters or periods and successive characters.

A.A. - Associate of Arts
A.B. - Bachelor of Arts
A.B.S. - Associate of Baccalaureate Studies
A.B.S. - Associate of Biblical Studies
A.M. - Master of Arts
B.A. - Bachelor of Arts
B.Acc. - Bachelor of Accountancy
B.Admin. - Bachelor of Administration
B.Agr(ic) - Bachelor of Agriculture
B.Arch. - Bachelor of Architecture
B.A.S. - Bachelor of Applied Science
B.A.Sc. - Bacherlor of Applied science
B.B.A. - Bachelor of Administration
B.B.S. - Bachelor of Biblical Studies
B.Ch. - Bachelor of Surgery
B.Chir. - Bachelor of Surgery
B.Ch.D. - Bachelor of Dental Surgery
B.C.L - Bachelor of Civil Law
B. Com. - Bachelor of Commerce
B.D. - Bachelor of Divinity
B.E. - Bachelor of Engineering
B.Ed. - Bachelor of Education
B.Eng. - Bachelor of Engineering
B.F.A. - Bachelor of Fine Arts
B.G.L. - Bachelor of General Law
B.H.L. - Bachelor of Hebrew Letters
B.J. - Bachelor of Journalism
B.L. - Bachelor of Law
B.Litt. - Bachelor of Letters
B.L.I.Sc. - Bachelor of Library and Information Science
B.L.S. - Bachelor of Liberal Studies
B.M. - Bachelor of Medicine
B.Mus. - Bachelor of Music
B.N. - Bachelor of Nursing
B.P.A. - Bachelor of Public Administration
B.Phil - Bachelor of Philosophy
B.S. - Bachelor of Science
B.Sc. - Bachelor of Science
B.Sc.Tech. - Bachelor of Science and Technology
B.S.F. - Bachelor of Science in Forestry
B.S.J. - Bachelor of Science in Journalism
B.S.N. - Bachelor of Science in Nursing
B.S.W. - Bachelor of Social Work
B.Th. - Bachelor of Theology
B.Theol. - Bachelor of Theology
B.T.M. - Bachelor of Tourism Management
B.Tour. - Bachelor of Tourism
C.A.S. - Certificate in Advanced Studies
Ch.B. - Bachelor of Surgery
Ch.M. - Master of Surgery
D.A. - Doctor of Arts
D.B.A. - Doctor of Business Administration
D.B.S. - Doctor of Biblical Studies
D.C.L. - Doctor of Civil Law, Doctor of Comparative Law
D.D. - Doctor of Divinity
D.Div. - Doctor of Divinity
D.D.S. - Doctor of Dental Surgery
D.Env. - Doctor of Environmental Science and Engineering
D.Lit. - Doctor of Literature
D.Litt. - Doctor of Letters
D.M. - Doctor of Medicine
D.M.A. - Doctor of Musical Arts
D.Min - Doctor of Ministry
D.Mus. - Doctor of Music
D.N.Sc. - Doctor of Nursing Science
D.P.A. - Doctor of Public Administration
D.P.H. - Doctor of Public Health
D.Pharm. - Doctor of Pharmacy
D.Ph(il). - Doctor of Philosophy
D.P.T. - Doctor of Physical Therapy
D.Sc. - Doctor of Science
D.S.N. - Doctor of Science in Nursing
D.S.W. - Doctor of Social Work
D.Th(eol). - Doctor of Theology
D.V.M. - Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Ed.D. - Doctor of Education
Ed.S. - Specialist in Education
Eng.D. - Doctor of Engineering
H.Sc.D. - Doctor of Health Science
J.D. - Juris Doctor (Doctor of Jurisprudence)
J.M. - Juris Master
J.S.D. - Doctor of Jurisprudence
Litt.B. - Bachelor of Letters
LLB - Bachelor of Law
LLD - Doctor of Law
LL.M. - Master of Laws
M.A. - Master of Arts
M.Arch. - Master of Architecture
M.A.S. - Master of Applied Science
M.A.Sc. - Master of Applied Science
M.B.S. - Master of Biblical Studies
M.C.L. - Master of Comparative Law
M.B.A. - Master of Business Administration
M.Ch. - Master of Surgery
M.Comm. - Master of Commerce
M.Comp.Sc. - Master of Computer Science
M.D. - Doctor of Medicine
M.Div. - Master of Divinity
M.Ed. - Master of Education
M.F. - Master of Forestry
M.F.A. - Master of fine Arts
M.Eng. - Master of Engineering
M.F.A. - Master of Fine Arts
M.J. - Master of Journalism
M.J. - Master of Jurisprudence
M.Litt. - Master of Letters
M.L.S. - Master of Library Science
M.M. - Master of Music
M.Mus. - Master of Music
M.P.A. - Master of Public Administration
M.P.H. - Master of Public Health
M.Phil. - Master of Philosophy
M.P.S. - Master of Professional Studies
M.S. - Master of Science
M.Sc. - Master of Science
M.S.Comp.E. - Master of Science in Computer Engineering
M.S.F. - Master of Science in Forestry
M.S.L. - Master of Studies in Law
M.S.N. - Master of Science in Nursing
M.S.W. - Master of Social Work
M.Th. - Master of Theology
M.Theol - Master of Theology
Mus.B - Bachelor of Music
Mus.D. - Doctor of Music
N.D. - Doctor of Nursing
Pharm.D. - Doctor of Pharmacy
Ph.B. - Bachelor of Philosophy
Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy
S.B. - Bachelor of Science
Sc.D. - Doctor of Science
S.J.D. - Doctor of Judicial Science
S.M. - Master of Science
Soc.Sci.D - Doctor of Social Science
Th.B. - Bachelor of Theology
Th.D. - Doctor of theology
Th.M. - Master of Theology
V.M.D. - Doctor of Veterinary Medicine<

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