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The energy crisis and its
effects on Brazil

The energy has become one of the most critical issues in the last (1) years. So far, oil has been the main source of energy, but this source of energy raises two main problems. It is a non-renewable source of energy. In addition, it has caused serious environmental effects that may undermine the future of mankind. These two problems have propelled governments, companies and NGOs to look for short- and long-tem solutions.

Brazil is likely to play a major role (2) concerning the second issue. The dependence on imported oil had devastating effects (3) for the Brazilian economy (4) oil crisis (5) in the seventies. In order to reduce this dependence, Brazil has invested massively (6) on exploitation of oil in deep-waters. Also, the country has invested (6) on research and development of alternatives sources of energy, such as (7) the sugar-cane ethanol. Both actions have allowed the country to become less dependent on oil importation.

(7) The ethanol was very successful in the (8) first years because it was considerably less expensive than oil. However, during the eighties, as oil prices came down again, car-owners preferred to abandon ethanol in favor of oil. Nonetheless, more recently, a flex-engine, allowing the use of both fuels, has made ethanol popular again. Nowadays, the large majority of vehicles sold in the country have this sort of engine. In consequence, Brazil has become a world-leader in ethanol production.

The recent decision of (9) European Union (10) of reducing emissions of CO2 by 20 percent by 2020 means that the (11) perspectives of ethanol becoming a major alternative source of energy are (12) factual. Since Brazil has already been researching (13) about the production of ethanol from sugar-cane and its use for more than two decades, Brazil will be one of the most important suppliers of this product in the future. One must say that (14) the ethanol is likely (15) thus to trigger a wave of economic development that will have benefit the economy as a whole.

It should be, however, observed that energy normally involves heavy economic interests. If Brazil expects to become (16) really a key-player in this sector, it will need to continue to invest massively (17) on the development of ethanol as an efficient, cheap and environmental-friendly source of energy. In addition, (18) the Brazilian diplomacy will have a decisive (19) at (20) the multilateral forums, such as the World Trade Organization, in order to prevent other countries from establishing barriers that may undermine the role that Brazil is likely to play.


(1) Correction: You can say "in recent years" or "in the last few years" or "in the last ten years", etc., but not "in the last years."
(2) Correction: Use "a major role in the second matter" or "a major role in addressing (or "in resolving") the…"
(3) Suggestion only: "on" would be better than "for."
(4) Correction: Insert "during the" between "economy" and "oil crisis."
(5) Suggestion only: Replace "in" with "during" or "of."
(6) Correction: You always invest in, rather than invest on.
(7) Correction: When you use "the" you are referring to a specific "sugar cane ethanol." That is why you simply say "sugar cane ethanol."
: (8) Suggestion only: Instead of "first years" you can use "early years" or "beginning years" or "first few years."
(9) Correction: We always use "the" before "European Union" or "Brazilian Sugar Cane Farmers Association" or "Brazilian University Teachers' Association."
(10) Correction: Use "to reduce emissions" rather than "of reducing emissions."
(11) Suggestion only: Use "prospects" instead of "perspectives."
(12) Suggestion only: Use "good" instead of "factual."
(13) Correction: You research a subject. You do not research in, on, or about a subject.
(14) Correction: You use no "the" before ethanol as you are not referring to a particular ethanol.
(15) Suggestion only: Why not place the "this" before "likely"?
(16) Suggestion only: Why not place "really" before "expects"?
(17) Suggestion only: Use "in" instead of "on."
(18) Correction: There is no need to use "the" before "Brazilian diplomacy" because you are discussing ALL Brazilian diplomacy, rather than a particular, specific aspect of it.
(19) Correction: You are missing a word here. Try "role."
(20) Suggestion only: By removing "the" from "multilateral forums" you open the possibilities to ALL multilateral forums.

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