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English Errors Made by
Another Hong Kong Company

Below are three paragraphs of text that have taken from the website of a Hong Kong company. Although the English is easy to understand, the prose is somewhat awkward. Aside from that, the text contains four errors. This tells you that it was translated from Chinese to English by someone whose first language is not English. It is another illustration of the need to use as a translator someone whose first language is the target language, the language into which you are translating the text. Alternatively, the translated text should be submitted to an editing service, such as that provided by English Writing Services, to review and correct, if necessary.

The mistakes are underlined in the text below. The explanations follow the three paragraphs.

Incorporated vehicles (limited companies) are relatively more expensive to form and operate, but the liability of owner will be limited and it is easier to expand or transfer ownership.

Incorporated vehicles is the most popular form of business in Hong Kong. There are also a lot of legal advantages of using a limited company to carry on a business.

Here is a summary and comparison of unincorporated and incorporated business :


owner - should be preceded by a definite article (the) or an indefinite article (an).

is - "incorporated vehicles" must be followed by the plural form of a verb.

of using - "in using" or "when using" are acceptable.

business - "businesses" is required.

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