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English Errors in a
Bulgarian Website

Below are two paragraphs of text that have taken from the website of a Bulgarian website. Although the English text is easy to understand, it contains six obvious errors. This tells you that it was translated into English by someone whose first language is not English. It is another illustration of the need to use as a translator someone whose first language is the target language, the language into which you are translating the text. Alternatively, the translated text should be submitted to an editing service, such as that provided by English Writing Services, to review and correct, if necessary.

The mistakes are underlined in the text below. The explanations follow the three paragraphs.

This one-bedroom apartment is situated in a brand new, luxury and modern apartment building in Sofia's most prestigious living area Lozenets.

Located on the quiet Bolgrad Str., the apartment is just a minute walk from Capital's most beautiful park (Southern park) with all its attractions. The popular sports complex Spartak (swimming pools, gyms, etc.) is also just one minute walking. The city centre is approx. 15 minutes walking from here.


luxury - should be "luxurious."

minute walk - "minute's walk" is common, although "just a minute from" is also acceptable.

Capital's - "the capital's" should be used.

one minute walking - "a one-minute walk"" is better.

centre - should be "center."

15 minutes walking - "a 15-minute walk" is better. Also acceptable is "15 minutes from here."

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