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  1. Fractions standing alone, or if followed by of a or of an, are generally spelled out.

    Three-fourths of an inch or three-quarters of an inch (not inch or of an inch)
    One-half inch or half an inch
    One-half of a section ( of a section)
    One-fourth inch or a quarter of an inch
    Seven-tenths of 1 percent
    Two one-hundredths
    Three one-thousandths
    Twenty-five one-thousandths

  2. Fractions are used in unit modifiers.

    -inch pipe, not one-half-inch pipe.
    -inch-diameter pipe
    1 to 2 pages
    -mile run
    ?-point rise
    3 cans; 2 times

  3. Do not use a comma in a built-up fraction of four or more digits or in decimals (e.g., 1/3600).

  4. Use fractions (, , , ?, ?, ?) or the mark with full-sized figures (1/2, 1/3600) only if either is specifically requested.

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