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English Writing Services

scientific, thesis, technical
and business editing service

Improve your spoken English
quickly and easily

Let our telephone language coach help you
to improve your English proficiency
in the privacy of your home or office
at a time that is convenient

Gain practice in English in private conversations about subjects that interest you. The coach will identify, explain and correct errors during the conversation. Your English language skills will improve in a matter of weeks

  • All telephone conversations are conducted at pre-arranged times
  • You decide the time, frequency, and length of conversations
  • Conversations are conducted over fixed land lines for best sound quality
  • A free no-risk trial is available

In order to benefit from this service, you should be able to form sentences in English and comprehend (at least, in part) someone who speaks English slowly. A basic understanding of English verbs and grammar is needed, as well as a vocabulary of at least several hundred English words

The price of this service is $35.00 (U.S.) per hour - or $255.00 (U.S.) for 10 hours, payable in advance.

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