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What I Have Lived For

I have lived for many things, but three are considered (1) the most important ones. First, I have always longed for knowledge. My almost endless/insatiable intellectual curiosity (2) as to any subject has propelled/driven me to search through different (3) manners to fill in/satisfy this curiosity. Secondly, my work has been a major reason for living, especially lately when I have been lecturing at the university. Thirdly, my friends have always had an enormous importance in my life. I am proud of putting a lot of effort (4) in cultivating some friendships. These three things have (5) altogether determined my way of life/way of living/lifestyle.

My great intellectual curiosity has (6) made me an avid reader, frequent traveler and an ardent communicator. Almost all subjects attract my attention. As a result, any film, book, newspaper, city, region, country or person seems to be worthwhile seeing, reading, visiting or talking to. Getting into a plane, opening a book, entering (7) into the cinema or meeting someone new/for the first time is enough to trigger a sort of intellectual excitement. My brain is entirely/extremely open to anything new and so enjoys novelties. I always imagine that something new and interesting will come out from/of a book, a visit or a conversation.

Working has been another thing I have intensely lived for. I have dedicated my life to. I have had the opportunity (8) of having different jobs since I started (9) working more than twenty years ago. From simple jobs aimed at earning some pocket money for paying (10) a trip with friends to my present job at the university I have always been motivated by working. Whenever the job would not please me or motivate (11) myself, I would quit. My job must be a source of pleasure for me. It would be very difficult to perform a job if I (12) do not like it. For me, it is impossible to spend most of (13) my day doing something that I dislike. Nowadays, I work as a lecturer at the university and am doing something that gives me much pleasure - studying and researching/doing research.

Finally, friendship/making new friends has been another (14) drive of/in my life. (15) Every time I have the chance (16) of meeting people that I really love to be with, I will dearly cultivate/treasure this friendship; (17) in particular those friends/people who, for one reason or another, are very special to me. As they mean a lot, I never neglect a friend. To the contrary, I put a lot of effort into keeping a friendship. This is my nature and it seems natural to me. I do believe that being with, or talking to, close friends is one of the most pleasant things in life.

To conclude, satisfying my intellectual curiosity, working with something that I enjoy and cultivating my friendships are the things that I have lived for. So far, I must say that these three (18) drives have given a special meaning to my life. I do not want more than this. It keeps me happy.


(1) Suggestion only: First sentence - Insert "to be" and delete "the" and "ones."
(2) Correction: Replace "as to" by "on" or "for."
(3) Correction: Use "means" instead of "manners."
(4) Correction: Use "into" instead of "in."
(5) Suggestion only: Use "entirely" instead of "altogether."
(6) Suggestion only: Use "caused me to be" instead of "made me."
(7) Correction: Delete "into."
(8) Suggestion only: Use "to have" instead of "of having."
(9) Suggestion only: Use "to work" instead of "working."
(10) Correction: Insert "for" between "paying" and "a trip."
(11) Correction: Use "me" instead of "myself."
(12) Suggestion only: Use "did: instead of "do."
(13) Suggestion only: Use "the" instead of "my."
(14) Suggestion only: Use "passion" instead of "drive."
(15) Suggestion only: Use "Whenever" instead of "Every time."
(16) Correction: Use "to meet" instead of "of meeting."
(17) Correction: Use "particularly" instead of "in particular."
(18) Suggestion only: Use "passions" instead of "drives."

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