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Abbreviations for Parts
of Publications

The abbreviations listed below are used for those parts of publications that appear in parentheses, brackets, footnotes, sidenotes, lists of references, and tables, and are followed by figures, letters, or Roman numerals.

app., apps. - appendix, appendixes
art., arts. - article, articles
bull., bulls. - bulletin, bulletins
ch., chs. - chapter, chapters
col., cols. - column, columns
ed., eds. - edition, editions
fig., figs. - figure, figures
No., Nos. - number, numbers
p., pp. - page, pages
par., pars. - paragraph, paragraphs
pl., pls. - plate, plates
pt., pts. - part, parts
sec., secs. - section, sections
subch., subchs. - subchapter, subchapters
subpar., subpars. - subparagraph, subparagraphs
subpt., subpts. - subpart, subparts
subsec., subsecs. - subsection, subsections
supp., supps. - supplement, supplements
vol., vols. - volume, volumes

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