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How to Use Prepositions (1)

The correct choice of prepositions to use can be a little confusing at times for non-native English speakers. Accordingly, the sentences below illustrate the use of 20 commonly used prepositions.

Above The glasses are on the shelf above the sink.
The setting sun was still visible above the distant hills.

Among His suitcase was discovered among the others left by the carousel in the baggage area.
I don't expect to find him among all those people.

At He left his books at school.
Only one person is on duty at the check-in desk..

Behind He sat directly behind the pilot in the small aircraft.
He was far behind the others in his group.

Below The shop was directly below his apartment.
The ship sank below the waves.

Beneath The opened letter lay on the floor beneath the table.
She considered the work to be beneath her capability.

Between He found himself between a rock and a hard place.
The woman standing between his mother and father in the photograph was his sister.

Beside There was the dog sitting beside its master on the front porch.
The aircraft was parked beside the main terminal building.

Down He ran down the hill.
Finally, the last bowling pin fell down.

From The flight from New York was late.
She bicycled from her home to the library.

In He found a mop and pail in the closet.
There were only a few persons in the waiting room.

In front of He sat down heavily in front of the television set. She parked her car in front of the fire hydrant.

In the
middle of
The house was situated exactly in the middle of the lot. He was interrupted in the middle of his work.

Into Come into my office, please.
He backed the car into the garage.

Next to May I sit next to you?
He found his hat next to the large oak tree in front of the school.

On Those who had purchased tickets were already on the train.
He left the book on the table.

Over He kicked the football over the goal posts.
The cat jumped over the fallen chair.

To He walked slowly to the bus stop.
I must go to the office today.

Under The submarine traveled under the ice cap.
The small plane flew under the suspension bridge.

With The hotdog was served with mustard and relish.
She came with me.

How to Use Prepositions (2)

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