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How to Use Prepositions (2)

Here are more sentences to illustrate the use of commonly used prepositions.

Inside You will find the keys inside the blue Toyota.
He left the gifts inside the larger of the two suitcases.

Across He walked across the school ground to meet his daughter.
She shuffled across the room to her favorite chair.

After He attends band practice after school.
She returned home after lunch.

Against She leaned against him as they drove off down the highway.
They stacked the folded chairs against the south wall.

Along He strolled along the north side of the street in the bright sunshine.
They drove along the main street for at least a mile before they discovered a gas station.

Before He was there ten minutes before the store opened.
The plane from Madrid arrived before the flight from Frankfurt.

Beyond Far beyond the tree line snow could be seen.
The private jets are parked beyond that high gray hangar.

By By the time he had finished, she had left.
You will find the shoe store down the street by the Town Hall.

Concerning It was a long story concerning a drowning boy.
I received a note from your teacher concerning your homework.

During It was during his summer vacation that he met her.
No socializing is permitted during actual broadcasts.

Through He glanced through the papers and left them for another day.
She drove through the tunnel without turning her headlights on.

For For reasons not well understood, he changed his mind.
They decided to stop at the restaurant for lunch.

Out They swam out to the first buoy.
The motor launch backed out of its berth slowly.

Until She remained there until the library closed for the day.
Have a rest until you regain your breath.

Up They struggled up the north side of the mountain for several hours.
He climbed up the ladder toward the open window.

Upon Upon hearing the news, he grabbed his papers and left.
Report to your commanding officer upon your return.

Within Within her heart, she knew differently.
He was contacted within the following week.

Past The motorcyclist sped past them.
She walked past several boutiques on her way to the bank.

How to Use Prepositions (1)

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