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Our all-inclusive fee for editing your writing is $0.03 (U.S.) per word. (i.e., 3 ). There are no additional charges.

To calculate our total fee to edit your scientific paper, thesis, dissertation, technical article, or other technical writing, simply multiply the number of words, as determined by the Word Count function in Microsoft Word, by $0.03 (U.S.).

Proofreading vs. Copyediting

Proofreading is a final check for errors in work that is known to be relatively error-free. The proofreader checks punctuation, spelling, grammar, verb tenses and endings, etc.

Copyediting involves this and more. It looks at your sentence structure and length, use of the active voice vs. the passive voice, and your word choices. It is concerned with the ease and speed of reader comprehension of your composition, as much as with the rules of grammar and punctuation. That is why we will often change passive verb forms to active forms, break up run-on sentences, suggest words that may be more suitable, and even occasionally reword phrases.

Whether or not English is your first language, you will almost certainly benefit from the copyediting service. That is why English Writing Services emphasizes the use of its copyediting service, rather than its proofreading service.

If you believe strongly that your writing requires only the proofreading service, please send it to us for our review. If we agree, we will reply with a quotation for proofreading.

Sending Your Writing
Because the servers that host the English Writing Services website use an aggressive anti-spam filtering system, there is a possibility that we will not receive your message. Avoid this risk when you write to by sending a copy to . This second e-mail address is where your work will be edited. This address uses different servers than those used for the English Writing Services website.

Minimum Price $20.00 (U.S.)

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