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Some Problems in Word Use

Affect - means to influence.
Effect - means to bring about

All-around - is incorrectly used for all-round.

Alright - is incorrectly used for all right.

Between - refers to two
Among - refers to more than two.

Any place, some place, no place, every place - should not be used for anywhere, somewhere, nowhere, everywhere.

Balance - means the amount remaining after realizing assets and meeting obligations. It does not mean rest or remainder

Beside - means by, or at the side of.
Besides - means in addition to, moreover.

Either, neither - each of these words is singular.

Fewer - refers to number.
Less - refers to amount

Farther - applies to actual, physical distance.
Further - applies to quantity or degree.

Firstly - is not required because first is an adverb as well as an adjective. Use first, secondly, thirdly, etc.

Healthy - means in good health.
Healthful - means causing health, good for the health.

Imply - means to express indirectly.
Infer - means to surmise or conclude.

Inside, outside - need not be followed by of.

Likely - implies a probability, usually favorable.
Liable - implies an unpleasant probability.

May - implies permission to do so.
Can - implies ability to do.

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