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English Writing Services

scientific, thesis, technical
and business editing service

You prepare the resume
and we'll help you to improve it

Why pay a big fee to have your resume prepared?

Why not prepare it yourself and send it to us for review?

We’ll examine your resume from an employer's point of view.

We’ll look for completeness of information, ease and speed in finding the relevant information, and the resume's overall reader-friendliness.

We’ll suggest changes for you to make, whether they involve spelling, grammar, word choices, sentence structure, layout, or use of indentation, bolding, etc.

We won’t rewrite your resume, but will suggest exactly what to add, delete, change, move, or explain in more detail.

You normally can expect to receive our comments within 24 hours.

If you want your resume to have more impact, send what you have as an email attachment to and pay in advance online. We normally can reply within 24 hours.