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By what right do you invade someone
else's country in order to impose
a pattern of government?

Studying history (1) means to a great deal (2) understanding the reasons why countries have attempted to invade and dominate one another. Although there are normally mixed reasons, such as expansionism, political, cultural, economic and religious, determining an invasion, (3) some have prevailed throughout history. For many centuries, economic reasons were (4) a major determinant for some countries to dominate others. (5) After the Second World War, when there was a fierce ideological division of the world, political reasons were commonly (6) used by powerful countries to justify the occupation of developing countries. Nowadays, (7) it has been terrorism the main origin of some invasions. Regardless of the primary reason, once a country invades another one, there is almost invariably an attempt to (8) imposition of a pattern of government.

(9) During many centuries, countries invaded others in order to expand their territories, (10) increasing their economic power. European countries, such as England, France, Germany and Italy, invaded Latin American, African and Asian nations (11) aimed at exploiting their resources, (12) but also selling their manufactured products. Following the Industrial Revolution, the United Kingdom, for instance, needed natural resources to supply its emerging industries and consumers (13) for buying its products.

Political reasons for invading a country became major determinants after the Second World War, when (14) there was the division of the world into the capitalist and the communist blocs. The United States and the Soviet Union did not hesitate (15) in occupying countries, which were under their influence, (16) but decided to change their political regime. The invasion of the former Czechoslovakia by (17) Soviet Union and of Vietnam by the United States are good examples of invasions aimed at preventing the change of (18) the existing political regime.

More recently, invasions have been (19) determined mainly (20) by terrorist reasons. After the attack perpetrated by terrorists from the Al-Qaeda group against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in the United States, American troops invaded Afghanistan as the local government supported this terrorist group. Later, Americans invaded Iraq, claiming that the Iraqi government was preparing nuclear and biological weapons that could be used with terrorist purposes.

Even though (21) primary reasons justifying the occupation of a country by another might have changed, there is a common aspect to all occupations: the imposition of a pattern of government. Either the invader will support the existing government, preventing any political change, or will try to overthrow (21) government that is acting against (22) their interests. Apparently, no reason can adequately justify the invasion of a country and the imposition of a pattern of government. However economic, political and terrorist reasons differ and so should not be deemed similarly. While economic and political reasons do not justify (23) any invasion, terrorism might, under certain circumstances, excuse some invasions.


(1) Suggestion only: Replace "means" with "help" and delete "to."
(2) Suggestion only: Insert "to" and change "understanding" to "understand."
(3) Suggestion only: Although "some" is acceptable, "several" or "certain ones" are better.
(4) Correction: Change "a major determinant" to "major reasons" or "important reasons."
(5) Suggestion only: Consider replacing "After the Second World War" with "During the period after (or "following") the Second World War."
(6) Suggestion only: Use "given" instead of "used."
(7) Correction: Instead of "it has been terrorism the main origin of some invasions," use "terrorism has been the main reason for their invasions."
(8) Suggestion only: Replace "imposition of" by "impose. This causes the sentence to be less stilted.
(9) Suggestion only: "For many centuries" sounds better than "during many centuries."
(10) Suggestion only: Insert "thereby" or "thus" before "increasing their."
(11) Correction: Use "with the aim of" instead of "aimed at."
(12) Correction: Use "and" instead of ", but."
(13) Suggestion only: Use "to buy" instead of "for buying."
(14) Suggestion only: Instead of "there was the division of the world into," use "the world was divided into."
(15) Correction: Instead of "in occupying," use "to occupy."
(16) Correction: Instead of "but decided to change their political regime," use "and decide to change their political regimes" or "or decide to change their political regimes."
(17) Correction: Insert "the" before "Soviet Union."
(18) Suggestion only: Change "the existing political regime" to "an existing political regime" to make it a general case (rather than specific - such as the or that political regime).
(19) Suggestion only: Re[lace "determined" with "decided for" or "caused for (or by)."
(20) Suggestion only: Replace "by terrorist reasons" by "for reasons of terrorism" or "for terrorism." ("terrorist reasons" sounds too much like "terrorist's reasons" or "terrorists reasons" - confusing)
(21) Correction: Insert "the."
(22) Correction: Use "its" instead of "their."
(23) Correction: Delete "any" or change it to "an."

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